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Join the Fountain Electric Family

At Fountain Electric, we are committed to offering you a career, not just a job.  The level of care and commitment we extend to our employees goes beyond what you will find elsewhere.  We desire employees who value our culture and ideals, which is based upon our core values of honesty and integrity, mutual respect, pursuit of excellence, and personal accountability.

If you are a qualified and experienced electrician, top helper/apprentice, or electrician helper who seeks to become a long-term member of the Fountain family, we offer many opportunities to join our rapidly growing company. Please refer to our minimum experience requirements before applying for a position to ensure you are a right fit for the job you are seeking.

Who We Are:

We are a commercial/industrial electrical contracting company headquartered in Spindale, NC, with offices also located in Charlotte, Hickory, Asheville, and Greenville SC. We have served projects throughout the Western North Carolina, Piedmont and Metrolina regions of North Carolina, and the upstate of South Carolina.

We seek to hire employees in the areas in which we work, making every effort to avoid asking anyone to travel to a jobsite more than 60 miles from their home. Work-life balance is extremely important to us in the Fountain family and while we value hard work, we also value the time you are able to spend at home.

Requirements and Expectations:

  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Must pass a mandatory drug screen
  • Must own and provide basic personal tools of the trade
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a reliable means of transportation
  • Must abide by the highest standards of professionalism and personal conduct, following our company’s keys to success: (1) Show up every day on time, (2) Appreciate instruction from leaders, (3) Work hard, and (4) Retain knowledge.

Experience, Job Classifications, and Advancement:

We hire employees with varying levels of experience, and use a job classification system under which you will generally be classified as follows:   

0-1 yrs. – Green Helper                                  
1-2 yrs. – Helper 1
2-3 yrs. – Helper 2                                           
3-4 yrs. – Mechanic
4+ yrs. – Commercial Wireman

However, experience alone does not determine classification.  If your demonstrated abilities and technical proficiencies differ from what we might expect for a particular experience level, your classification may be adjusted accordingly. 

A Commercial Wireman who has also:  1) earned a license or certification, 2) passed some other recognized formal job qualification testing, 3) completed an accredited apprenticeship program, or 4) completed some other recognized formal training program, is designated as a Journeyman 1.  A Journeyman 1 with 6+ years of experience and leadership experience is classified as a Journeyman 2. 

Foremen are typically promoted from within.  We are constantly evaluating our more experienced personnel, and we actively seek to reward those qualified individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential.

Preferred Candidates:

  • Will be referred to us by current Fountain Electric employees
  • Will have formal training in an apprenticeship or similar program, or in a trade or technical school
  • Will possess relevant licenses and/or certifications

Physical Requirements:

These are considered to be job qualifications:

All levels of helpers and electricians must be able to lift 50+ pounds, work from a ladder or scaffold (according to equipment weight limits), work overhead, and perform activities that involve repetitive reaching, stretching, squatting, kneeling, crouching and/or bending without difficulty. They must be able to work in varied climate conditions and should possess good balance, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and the stamina to perform physically demanding construction work.

Above all, a candidate must be able to safely perform the duties and responsibilities normally and reasonably expected of a tradesperson in their position.

If you feel you meet our requirements for employment and want to be a part of the culture at Fountain Electric & Services, click below to start your journey with us:


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